Embarking on a quest to fuse his passion for UX and game design, Wictor Sundstedt set his sights on the Game & UX Designer education at Futuregames in Skellefteå. With dreams of thriving in the creative industry, this program presented a golden opportunity to break into the field and turn his aspirations into reality.

What motivated you to pursue the Game & UX Designer education at Futuregames?

– I applied for this program because I’ve always been incredibly interested in both UX and game design. I’ve always dreamed of working in the creative industry, so when I came across this education I saw it as a perfect chance to break into the field.

Could you tell us about the best aspect of the Game & UX Designer education?

– The best thing about the education is that we get to develop our own games based on the assignments given by our teachers. It’s been incredibly fun working with my friend Jonathan Tambour in class, and together we’ve created our own game. We even received a scholarship as a result! We received Sammes Stiftelse´s summer scholarship, which means we each receive 30,000 kr and get to work on our game idea during the summer. We are developing a couch co-op adventure game where players solve puzzles, platform, and build things they can use in the game. The plan is to complete a demo during the scholarship period so that we can go out and pitch the idea to different publishers!

Walk us through a typical week in your life as a Game & UX Designer student at Futuregames.

– A typical week for me involves studying from 8:00 in the morning until 20:00 in the evening, five days a week. Between classes and meetings with mentors, I try to squeeze in as much work as possible. Even on weekends, I spend at least twelve hours working.

You moved to Skellefteå from Västerås. What is it like to study in Skellefteå?

– Life up here is going really well! The rent is affordable, and I have access to the school’s facilities around the clock. While there may not be as much to do as in big cities, it gives me more time to truly focus on my work, and that’s a good thing.

How has the guidance of industry mentors at Futuregames influenced your aspirations?

– I haven’t done my internship yet, but it has been great having industry mentors who work in the field. A few weeks ago, I even had the opportunity to visit EA DICE in Stockholm, thanks to one of the employees who gave a lecture to us. It was truly exciting to see what it’s like to work there.

What are your plans for the future?

– I have plenty of future plans! One of them is to start my own game studio together with Jonathan. But before that, I aim to secure an excellent internship at a mid-sized game studio, either in Stockholm or maybe even in the USA.

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