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Frontend Developer

The industry needs Frontend Developers!

Dynamic frontend development, web application development, mobile-first, responsive design, and UX design are evolving rapidly and are therefore key themes in this program. Digital strategies and agile project methodology are also crucial success factors. Do you want to help shape the future of websites and apps? Apply for Frontend Developer today!

  • Study in Stockholm
  • 2 years (4 terms)
  • 20 weeks of LIA (learning in work)

Why should you study Frontend Developer?

By training as a Frontend Developer, you acquire a unique skill set that is in high demand in the job market. You gain an overview of the industry and learn dynamic web development where design and layout interact and support the customer's digital experience (UX/UI). You learn to manage databases, build responsive websites for mobile platforms, and create systems and integrations that support current and future needs.

We collaborate with several companies and organizations, all showing an increasing demand for frontend and app developers. We have gathered some of the industry's most knowledgeable developers and lecturers in web development, web programming, and web design under one roof. Here you have the opportunity to train as one of the future's most competent web developers and app developers. It is up to you to set the bar for how far you want to go during your two years with us.

LIA - internship during education

As part of the program, you will undertake LIA (internship) at leading industry companies. During LIA, you deepen your learning and gain the work experience needed to develop today's and tomorrow's web applications. You build your network and establish relationships with potential employers already during your studies. We have partnerships with various companies and e-commerce platforms regarding LIA, industry events, lectures, recruitment, and management group work.

The education provides you with several career opportunities

The professional role is growing rapidly and is in high demand in areas such as technology, e-commerce, and the finance sector. Examples of titles and roles for you after graduation are:

  • Frontend Developer
  • Web Administrator
  • Web Application Developer
  • Web Designer
  • Web Programmer