Futuregames Animator and VFX Artist bild

Futuregames Animator and VFX Artist

As an animator & VFX artist, you are responsible for creating movements and special effects for two and three-dimensional graphics. You also need to know how to plan and implement an animation project from idea to finished product.

Modern VFX is considerably broader and characterizes an entire industry that works with “special effects”, i.e. everything from CGI (computer-generated graphics), compositing (image processing) and motion capture (computer-processed motion recordings), to the various tools and software needed to create it. At a specialized level, it is usually one of these areas that you work with.

The education mainly leads to employment, but many animators & VFX artists are self-employed. Demand for the professional role can be found in industry, film, TV, advertising and, on behalf of Sweden, not least in the gaming industry.

LIA (lärande i arbete), also known as internship is a part of the program. The practical part of your internship/LIA deepens your learning and provides you with the work experience required to develop today’s and tomorrow’s VFX experiences. You will also get the opportunity to build your network and create relationships with potential future employers during the education.