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XR Creative Developer

The technology has matured and the applications beyond the entertainment sector in, for example, medtech, infrastructure, fashion and education are gaining ground. The program thus responds to a demand for competence that can design an immersive experience with a holistic approach to user behavior, pedagogy, value creation and ethics.

In addition to solid skills in design and XR technology (both software and hardware), skills in agile development are developed. The program leads to roles such as XR Creative Designer, XR Designer, Metaverse Designer, Technical Artist, AR / VR Designer, AR / VR Producer.

This program will provide the knowledge and skills required to help you launch your career as an XR Creative Developer. You’ll spend 53 weeks at our Stockholm campus, plus 27 weeks doing an internship anywhere in the world.

Tuition Fees:
International students – 205 000 SEK
Nordic students – government funded + CSN support